How to Meditate

It’s funny sitting here, thinking how I might try to explain ‘how’ to meditate. See, the true meditative state isn’t something you can ‘do’ – it’s what you already are! Always here, never further away than just right here. So blatantly obvious that when you realise it for yourself you may giggle uncontrallably at the fact that you ever could have missed it!

This is why I believe so faithfully in self-inquiry.

I guess I’ll explain what this is from the perspective of my own journey. I read once that the fastest route to enlightenment is the ‘I am’ meditation. For some reason, that particular pointer sunk deep into my psyche. I was suffering from pretty bad insomnia at the time so I had many peaceful, silent hours in which to contemplate this.

Rather than the traditional route of self-enquiry, though, which involves asking ‘what am I?’ I took a slightly different tack and said over and over in my mind, ‘I am’ whilst trying to see the reality of this. Lo and behold, after many hours, I realised – holy shit, I am! I had awoken, momentarily, to the perspective of pure being. The realisation and remembering that what I am is this awareness. I am the substrate in which thoughts appear, I am still nothingness, peaceful and vast. I am this that I am! What a simple yet profound realisation.

So… how to meditate? Find out, right now, what it is that you already are. Open yourself to the possibility that the truth is closer to you than your own nose!

Rest there and let it undo you.

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