The Passage of Time

Tonight I feel the passage of time
So close
And in the centre of that,
The timeless.

Can I open my heart wide enough,
Nay, can I see that it is already wide enough
To hold the heartbreaking beauty
Of both?

The tender curl of your eyelashes,
The pout of your lip.
The innocence in your eyes,
That brings tears to my own.

I love you as if I’ve already lost you,
For you are an un-capturable moment in time,
Your presence a constant reminder
To breathe,
To love,
To live.

In this knowledge,
I stay my hand from grasping you
Lest I cast an anchor
upon your ship.

For you are sailing freely now,
Strong and bold and true,
With the wind of life in your sails
And the beloved at your tiller.

I know that sometimes the seas will be rough,
Perhaps one day, you will even find yourself mast-less,
Broken and drifting
Upon a seemingly uncaring sea.

But I will do my best to stand staunch in the knowledge
That you are guided
By the tender hand of the unseen.
Perhaps to places deeper within yourself,
Where you see
That regardless of the shape of the ocean,
You were never once, not for a moment,
Separate from the sea.

That you are life, my child!
That you are stardust
And magnificence,
Ancient wisdom
And timeless innocence
All rolled into one.

Loving you breaks my heart
Wide open
To life.



I tried to speak to you today
Instead I hung my head in shame.
How presumptuous of me
To think that in your presence
I could say anything at all.

For how could words encompass
The unutterable.
How could my lips give shape
To the silent beating
Of my heart.

I am a temple
And you speak me.
I can only lay down my words
Rest this tongue
And listen.


I hold this imperfection
I hold it in my chest
I hold this imperfection,
So dear and so blessed.
I am vast enough to love it,
I am vast enough to be.
I am deep enough to hold it,
Try it and you’ll see.
I love this perfect imperfection that is me.


Still awareness looks from these eyes, from this heart.
It includes everything,
It illuminates all it sees,
It is one with the entire universe.
The universe rests inside my heart.


Hang from the cross and bleed for truth,
Be crucified by truth
And bleed willingly.

Have your heart torn open
So that the sacredness of life can know itself,
So that your own pure divinity may be revealed to your eyes.

You can come here only with nothing,
You must realise your bare empty hands
And sit in silence in the lap of God
So that the fullness of life may meet you.


Life is so juicy, endless juice!
It is soft and warm and loving,
It’s name is Embrace.
And it hurts, and it holds the hurt,
It is such beautiful devastation.
I weep for all those who are too closed to let life break them,
Whose walls keep out the pain and love and life.