Soften Or Die

The Is-ness, is so solid
a chunk of This-Is-What-It-Is.
and yet, in my plight, I argue, what if?
What if, I had done it differently?
What if, I had chosen this way?
What if, I am without doubt?
As if the fists of my refusal
can possibly dent
the edifice, the stoney truth
of What is Happening.
And yet, the Is-ness calls me back,
my sweet lover, my tender reminder
that hindsight is masochistic and
foresight a case of control-freaking.
In the laughing gentle face of reality.
my mistakes are beautiful reminders
that a flaw in perfection is the master
artist, reminding us all
of the truth that is so easy
to forget:
Every dropped stitch,
Every missed calculation,
Every errant brush stoke
is genius, pure genius.
Opening us
to the grander truth,
the Ultimate Yes: No mistake
is possible and every seeming
misdirection is truly pointing
the way.
There is nothing to apologize for.
All of your mistakes are beautiful
perfections, perfectly aligned
to show you One True Thing:
This is What it Is.
When you love that,
love the mistake, accept
the imperfection,
embrace the Is-nes
There is nothing Wrong
and nothing Right.
Rumi said it already.

I will meet you there.

Lorri Ann –

The Man Who Changed My Life

I was absolutely blessed to spend time with a man named Vishrant. Vishrant is a spiritual teacher who resides in the peaceful and beautiful hills of Roleystone, Perth. Before meeting Vishrant I think I thought I was a lot more conscious than I actually was! I had a whole host of deluded beliefs about where I was at and what I thought spiritualty was. I also came to him with a lot of defences intact and a load of pain and low self-worth underneath those defences.

I am a believer that on the spiritual journey one has to  be fairly self sufficient, you can’t rely on another person to figure out the truth for you. That’s truly a journey for you and you alone and you’ve got to have the balls to really look at yourself honestly. I think you also need a true and genuine inner drive to know the truth – a sincere heart, as Adyashanti would say.  In saying that, though, having a true teacher to guide you and show you where you are stuck and deluded is such a blessing. An uncomfortable blessing at times! How absolutely wonderful to sit in the presence of and hear wisdom from someone who has actually walked the path and found their way home. For that I will be forever grateful.

Vishrant taught me that resting in and as space is the easy part. He ever so gently showed me that as well as recognizing truth you also have to recognize delusion. I have come to see that if you want to be free then you have to see and undo the belief systems that keep you contracted and locked in perceived separation.

I could write so much more about this beautiful teacher and what he showed me but for now it is sufficient to say – it feels like the journey has truly begun! He lit a love for truth in my heart and helped me see the beauty within, there is so much more clarity here since sitting with him. Life is such an amazing journey!

Thank you Vishrant, thank you life.

Why People Don’t Wake Up (and how they can)

The Awakened Dreamer

A reader recently asked me, “What I really want to know is what lead to your awakening? What life were you leading that contributed to this event?” He wondered if there was a certain way to cultivate a fertile ground for enlightenment, a kind of prerequisite plan.

Well, for one, by the time I awoke from the dream that I was a separate self, the enchantment of being Lori-Ann had all but worn off. Like wall paper which had begun to fade and peel, the near fifty years of living under the spell of selfhood was lifting. As this trance loosened its grip there glimmered underneath the façade of “me”, something brilliant by comparison.  Then one day the wallpaper-thin self just fell away entirely, revealling a spacious vast nothingness full of life.

Even so, a spontaneous awakening is probably not really instantaneous, even if it looks to be sudden. In…

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In letting go of all control over someone you hold them more closely than you ever imagined possible.

In freeing them you find true intimacy with them.

In allowing them to be exactly as they are you align yourself with the heart of life.

All falls away and there is only love.


Still awareness looks from these eyes, from this heart.
It includes everything,
It illuminates all it sees,
It is one with the entire universe.
The universe rests inside my heart.

A darker time..

Life is sufficient unto life.
Why does my mind fight? Why is there darkness?
I am a piece of flotsam in the river of life.
I am insignificant, I am powerless, I can control nothing.
Why is it so hard?
What is this?


Relationships can really be the place where ‘the rubber meets the road’ when it comes to spirituality. The depth in which we can delude ourselves is quite astonishing. Perhaps there are a few beliefs running, along the lines of: how spiritual you are, how advanced you are, how ‘already there’ you are, etc. Really though, it is through the relationships in your life that you can really see where you’re at.

How defensive are you really?

How open to the other are you really?

How easily are you triggered by ‘something they do/say/don’t say’?

If you are into truth, if you really want to wake up then you want to see all the parts of yourself that have not yet been brought to light. You want to see and undo the belief systems that keep you locked in separation. You want no defences and walls between you and life.

Relationships can show you all the parts of yourself that you can’t/don’t want to see. They make it extremely easy to see the belief systems which keep you feeling separated from all there is.

So how does one begin to take a look inside at the truth of what is going on and start to bring down those defences and painful beliefs? I, for one, began practicing ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie, here is a link to her website – I can’t recommend her method highly enough –

I moved back in with my son’s father about 6 months ago. He is a wonderful man, but boy have I had to do some work to find that open and still centre whilst being with him. Through questioning and seeing through every belief that ran through my mind about him and relationships I have found myself opening deeper and deeper to all of life and this eternal, shimmering moment. Through undoing the limiting beliefs I held about ‘how love should be’ I have opened the door to divine love, to love that depends on nothing but your openness to it. I have recognized the absolute beauty and perfection of him, he who is of course – not separate from me.  How amazing.